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Thread: Compound Drill Press Jig

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    Compound Drill Press Jig

    Has anyone have any ideas or plans as to how to go about drilling compound angles with a drill press? I am planning on drilling some holes for a step stool and I would like for the legs to be splayed to add stability. I was thinking a jig would help, but I am kind of at a loss as to how to construct one. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I just did this the other day. I already had built a drill press table with a fence. The table is alot bigger than the usual metal table and is more suitable to wood working. It tilts on the stock table just like it would normally. Then I took a 10" wide board and placed it on the fence on one side and on a scrap of wood sitting on the table itself. Trial an error got me to the right size scrap for the angles I wanted.

    I think angle was 20 deg. for this side

    And this angle was 10-12 deg for this side

    I had to tilt the table one way for two legs and the other way for the other two legs but it worked fine. Yeah I know, I need to make another leg, I ran out of cut stock on #3.

    Here is what you need, or need to build.

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