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Thread: Do you remember Vern Gonya?

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    Do you remember Vern Gonya?

    There is a report that he is an Alzheimer's patient, in a nursing home. He picked up a 97 year old man, and body slammed him! The man died of his injuries. No charges have been filed.

    Do you know about kickback? Ray has a good writeup here...

    For a kickback demonstration video

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    His name is really Verne Gagne, born LaVerne Gagne. I remember him, but never did follow that wrestling circus. I guess there are a lot of people that like the rehearsed acrobatics.

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    I worked for a short time at a Minneapolis TV station that had wrestling every Saturday night. I remember seeing the wrestlers backstage between matches joking it up like best buddies.

    Almost got body-slammed by a little grandmotherly type one night when I was walking past the audience during a commercial break and just shook my head and chuckled at the wrestler's antics.

    Bad decisions make good stories.

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    Not only do I remember Verne Gagne, but I'm related to a bunch of Gagnes. I always wondered if I was related to him.

    It was fun to watch wrestling before it became such a rehearsed spectacle.


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    I heard about this on the radio.It's sad to hear of things like this happening.There have been several alzheimers patients in my area that walked away from there facilities in the last few years.Most were located fairly quickly one wasn't so lucky.
    I think therefore I .....awwww where is that remote.

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    I remember

    Wow... thought he was only in the twin cities.

    Last time I was visiting I thought I saw a lot of land for sale with his name on it.

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