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Thread: Need a GOOD set of Chisels

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    Need a GOOD set of Chisels

    What is your opinion of a good set of chisels? I am looking at Two Cheeries and Blue Marples as two of the choices. I think I want a set as that reduces the cost per chisel a little. I don't mind paying $100+ as long as I get quality chisels that will hold an edge. I will be using them to clean up dovetails and edges. Thanks for your comments.
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    I currently have a set of (pre-Irwin; see below) Blue Marples, and so far have resisted the urge to get a set of Two Cherries. I really do think the Marples will continue to serve my needs very well, so it's mostly a matter of want. But there's no doubt that the Two Cherries are very good chisels.

    I think I bought the 4-pc set for ~$30 a few years back, compared to a 6pc. set of Two Cherries at a very good recent special price of $100. If I didn't already have the Marples, or if the Two Cherries set included an 1/8" chisel, I'd have snatched up the Two Cherries. [Added later: I think the Two Cherries are every bit worth the difference -- it's a question of how good a chisel you want.]

    In your research, you may encounter the issue of pre-Irwin vs. post-Irwin Blue Marples. Supposedly, the quality has slipped post-Irwin, but this slip may very well have happened during pre-Irwin times. I haven't heard/read anything definitive about this; either timing-wise, or actual data on material quality.

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    I got a good deal on Hirsch bevel edge chisels from Highland Hardware a while back. The Hirsch chisels are made in the same factory as the Two Cherries. After a little flattening and honing, they were good to go. They really hold an edge compared to some of the others I've used, including the blue handled Marples chisels.

    The Irwin Marples chisels seem pretty good to me, but don't match up well against the Hirsch chisels for holding an edge.

    I have some old Stanley chisels and, of course, some Craftsman chisels, The old Stanleys are pretty nice, the Craftsman are beaters for rough work only. Neither of them are as good as the Hirsch.

    I believe Holbren caries Two Cherries and will give a discount to forum members. I hear nothing but good things about them. I also hear the Lie Nielsen are the best, but they are just too pricey for me.

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    My wife and son chipped in at Christmas and bought me these;


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    Make sure you know what you are getting as far as size. A lot of places will list a 8mm chisel as 3/8". While it is close, it is not 3/8". This could result in wonderment of why your M&T aren't fitting tightly.

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    Holbren now has a decent selection of good chisels. Between his great service, low prices, free shipping, and 10% BT3 discount, that'd be one of the first places I'd look.

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    Hey Ken,

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    Fine Woodworking Test

    I just read a review of chisels in a 6 or 7 year old issue of FWW. Marples were rated poorly. Three Japanese chisels such as Ioryi (sp) did best. Hirsch was rated fairly well as were Two Cherries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bthere View Post
    I also hear the Lie Nielsen are the best, but they are just too pricey for me.
    I don't own any Lie-Nielsen, and can't say that they are the best or not. I own pre Irwin days Marple chisels, with blue handles, and I also own Japanese Iyori chisels. They are for different tasks.

    The chisel debate reminds me of my high school days, when Ford vs. Chevy talk went on. To my knowledge this has never been decided. I'm sure those who own Lie-Nielsen love them to death, and wouldn't be without.

    Whichever chisel sets you own or may own in the future, the same for chisels as it is with clamps, you'll never have enough. Good Luck with your choice.
    The Two Cherries, are highly recommended as noted by the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwgeorge View Post
    My wife and son chipped in at Christmas and bought me these;

    My wife almost got me those, but she didn't.

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