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Thread: Harbor Freight 38144 Drill press manual/parts list

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    Harbor Freight 38144 Drill press manual/parts list

    I Guess I should have been more patient.

    After getting nowhere over the last couple of days with the telephonic customer support , I tried the customer support via e-mail provision on the HF website.

    In less than a day, they sent me a .pdf of the manual.

    Obviously they do have such material archieved it just is not on-line.

    To make a long story short, I am in desperate need of a copy of the manual and Parts list/pictures for the Harbor Freight #38144 Drill Press

    My copy got wet, and I could not get the "glued together" pages apart.

    Apparantly Harbor Freight has the manuals on-line for currently sold items but not for those items they have sold in the past. This model is not currently in the on-line catalog. I contacted Coustomer service and cannot get anywhere

    Of course, I would pay any costs of providing me a copy.

    If you can help me please send me an e-mail via the Website or to:
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    38144 manual is on line at ...

    Here is the manual pdf ...

    - Lonnie

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