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Thread: Tradesman 9 in. 2 Wheel Bench Band Saw with Fence

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    Tradesman 9 in. 2 Wheel Bench Band Saw with Fence

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    Hmm if you could find at a local sears would probably be at half that... (pink label sale...)

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    With my new G0555, I have one of these in southern NH that is like new and could be had for around half the price above if there is a local in the need. Shipping would be too much hassle. Contact me privately to inquire.

    ~ Fred

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    Had one, got it for $50 at sears a few years ago.
    Figured for $50 it could help short term. WRONG.
    Don't do it. Spend another $150 and get the HF 14" (atleast).

    I ended up throwing it away and keeping the motor/switch, which is now running a disc sander.

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