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Thread: Harbor Freight -- Drug pushers

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    Harbor Freight -- Drug pushers

    Tools are like crack cocaine. HF is like a drug dealer--they know you need it, and they're all too willing to help you buy it. Those crazy sales, those 10% coupons. Not a week goes by without another e-mail enticing me to drive across town for another hit of green metal and vile (yet sweet) anti-corrosion treatment. Mmmmmm.

    They know where I live. If I try to kick the habit, will they show up at my door with ball peen hammers? I think I need an intervention.

    Sometimes I just go in for paraphernalia--those half price clamps, some sanding belts, a blade or two at half price... But I end up spending three figures before I know what's happened.

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    Must still be hot out in Arizona? LOL


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    Dropped to 65 today, perfect working weather, but I'm stuck inside working. And staring at this flier and 10% coupon, needing my fix.

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    Hey guys, I'm just a recreational tool buyer. I mean I can quit anytime I want to, but first there's this drill press... I can get a really good deal... Yeah, I'll quit next week - Honest!!
    "Aspire to inspire before you expire."

    Chuck Hershiser
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    Is the 10% still on?


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    eblevens- do a search for HF coupon on the forums and you'll find an image of said coupon from HF. Just print them out, and take one with you each time you go in! There's no expiration either, so you can print stacks of them all day long. Too bad you can't use more than one at a time. :P
    Big Rog

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    Thanks guys,
    printed them and headed to HF tomorrow........


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    I don't think so. The flyer I saw, which was at:

    Said that the sale (and 10% off coupon) ended 2/5/04. However, I believe the link I just gave you is their permanent sale link. It now has a different deal with a $5 or $10 off coupon for $50 or $100 purchases (respectively), which is good through 2/11/04.

    Check the link on Wednesday or Thursday. It might have a new coupon then.


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    Thanks Jeff,
    printed them out also. Still heading out tomorrow with all kinds of coupons.

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    Probably need to start a Harbor Freight Anonymous recovery group, for green tool addiction.
    No good deed goes unpunished

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