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  • Current Jig & Fixture Articles and Tool Reviews

    As of the time of this posting, the following articles are currently available in the Jigs, Fixtures & Info section:

    General BT3x00 Information

    How To Identify the Date Of Manufacture Of Your BT3000 - By Rod Kirby
    Just How Loud Is The BT3000? - By Jim Frye
    Things To Look For When Buying A Used BT3000 - By Jim Frye
    Why Buy A BT3000? - By Jim Frye
    A DWG Drawing Of The BT3000 - By Chris Hogan
    BT3000 Owner's Manual - By Sam Conder
    BT3100 Exploded Parts Diagram - By Tom Scanio
    Ryobi Micropositioner Manual - By Ryobi

    BT3 Maintenance & Repair

    Belt Replacement Instructions - By Ed Ellickson
    A BT3000 Maintenance Check List - By Jim Frye
    Blade Height Adjustment Rebuild Instructions - By "JohnG"
    BT3000 Belt Replacement and Shim Adjustment Instructions - By Jim Frye
    Sears' Exploded Parts Diagram Of The BT3000 - By Ken Able
    Sears Parts Listing for The BT3000 - By Rich Carmack
    BT3000 SMT Alignment Instructions - By David Hawkins
    The Rod Kirby Method of BT3000 Alignment - By Rod Kirby
    BT3000 Rear Fence Clamp Replacement - By Martin Call

    BT3 Modifications & Enhancements

    An Improved Blade Guard and Splitter - By Rod Kirby
    BT3000 Miscellaneous Improvements - By Rod Kirby
    BT3000 Cabinet Modifications - By Norm Havens
    Drill Powered Drum Sander for BT3000 - By Jim Frye
    Dust Collector Pan for BT3000 - By Jim Frye
    Articulated Dust Port Cover For the Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw - By Jim Frye
    BT3000 Shop-made Extension Table - By Rod Kirby
    Ryobi BT3000 Extension Table - By Rob Ballard
    Shopmade Handles For The BT3000 - By J.P. Honeywell
    BT3000 Safer Power Switch Modification - By Jim Frye
    SMT Aluminium Extension For The BT3000 - By Rod Kirby
    Ehnanced SMT Aluminium Extension - By Rod Kirby
    SMT Fence V2.0 - By Rod Kirby
    Wide Table With Miter Slots - By Dave Johnson
    Tool Triggered Power Cord For BT3000 And Other Tools - By Jim Frye
    Attaching Jigs To The SMT - By Mike Stallard
    Zen and the Art of Splitter Shim Making - By Mark "Gugie" Guglielmana

    BT3 Fence Attachments

    Finger Board for BT3000 Sliding Miter Table - By Jim Frye
    Hold-In Featherboard - By Rod Kirby
    Shopmade Rip Fence Micro-Adjust - By Rod Kirby
    High Fence for Dado and Panel Raising - By Jim Frye
    Folding Outfeed Table for BT3000 - By Jim Frye
    Shopmade Outfeed Cabinet - By Dave Johnson
    A Featherboard For The Rip Fence - By Rod Kirby
    Notes On “Ripstrate” Used With The Ryobi BT3000 - By Charlie Oppeneimer
    Ryobi BT3000 Router Fence Construction Notes - By Jim Frye
    Ryobi BT3000 Stop Block Construction Notes - By Jim Frye
    Wide Crosscut Fence For The BT3000 - By Jim Frye
    BT3000 Rip Fence Featherboard Add-On - By Fred Hutchinson
    The OZ/YANK Router Fence - By Rod Kirby and Randy Atkinson
    Making a Polyethylene Featherboard - By Don Hart
    Making a friction holder for miter slots - By Don Hart
    Another Polyethylene Featherboard - By Don Hart

    Miscellaneous BT3 Jigs & Fixtures

    Cove Cutting Jigs for the BT3000 - By Jim Frye
    BT3000 Jig Saw Mount - By Jim Frye
    Micro-Adjuster For A Router Table Fence - By Rod Kirby
    BT3000 Accessory Table Router Mounting Plate Template - By Jim Frye
    An Easy Way To Make ZCTPs For The Ryobi BT3000 - By Tim Kuchta
    Zero Clearance Throat Plates with Levelers - By Lee Styron
    Full Extension Hardwood Drawer Slides - By Mark Stripes

    Mobile BT3s

    Jeff Browning's BT3000 - By Jeff Browning
    BT3000 Portability Modification - By Brad Anderson
    A Mobile Base For The BT3000 - By Rod Kirby
    Pat Greco's BT3000 - By Pat Greco
    WrkWatchr's Mobile BT3000 Cabinet - By Roy Shrove
    Maroon & Maple - A Mobile BT3 Cabinet - By Sam Conder
    Spruce and Sandeply – Another base option - By Jim Dwight
    BT3100 Compact 4-Wheel Dolly - By Rick Slaugh

    Traditional Table Saw Jigs - BT3 Style

    Rod Kirby’s Miter Slot For The BT3000 - By Rod Kirby
    Raised Panel Jig - By George McKeown
    SMT Mounted Taper Jig - By Rod Kirby
    A Tenon Jig For The BT3000 SMT - By Jack Mogren
    A Tenon Jig for the Ryobi BT3000 - By Highland Hardware
    Construction Notes for the BT3000 Tenon Jig - By Jim Frye
    SMT Mounted Tenon Jig - By Mark "Black Walnut" Stripes

    Miscellaneous Articles

    A Sticky Subject: Glue - By Sam Conder
    A Review of my excursion to the Indianapolis woodworking show - By Sam Conder
    Cove Cut Calculator - By JP Honeywell

    Tool Reviews

    A Review of the BT3100 Woodcutting Table Saw - By Sam Conder
    A Review of the Ryobi OSS500 Oscillating Spindle Sander - By Ken Massingale
    A Review of the Jointech JST-R4232M 42" Saw Train System for the Ryobi BT3 series table saw - By Sam Conder
    A Review of the Ryobi BD4600 Belt & Disc Sander - By Don Hart
    A Review of the MicroPreciis BT3 Fixture Blocks - By Sam Conder

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