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Too Many Tool Boxes!

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  • Too Many Tool Boxes!

    I have two large tool box sets with multiple drawers from HF in which I organized all my hand tools/mechanics tools after returning from Japan. I put mechanics related tools in one box and woodworking hand tools in the other.

    THEN I ended up purchasing a good husky tool box for choosing tools and carrying them to work on location in different situations. Then I purchased another hand tote tool box and a proceeded to fill it with electrical stuff. Then the same for small woodworking tools. Now I have about 4 or 5 key screwdrivers in each, speciality pliers in each and other items such as tape, scissors, knives in each.

    And I can't find the RIGHT tools, wrenches or sockets when I need them! They are now scattered among 5 tool boxes!

    I envy you organized fellows!
    Hank Lee

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    I can hardly keep up with my glasses, wallet, keys and checkbook.


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      One set of wrenches?
      Try box end/ratcheting end, as well as sets of dual box end (long and short), ratcheting comb wrenches, regular combo wrenches (long and short), open end/flare nut end wrenches, straight flare nut end wrenches, 12 pt flare nut/box end wrenches.
      That is just off the top of my head, and because I have had ones at certain locations for specific stuff and others in specific job boxes.
      I would love to set my stuff up (and am working on it), with one toolbox setup SAE, and one metric.
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        My current thinking on tools and toolboxes is to have a complete set of anything I might ever need in the shop in one tool box set up. That's not one box, it's a stack up hodge podge of boxes that are too heavy to move. This also includes duplicates.
        I have a set of tools in the house garage containing 1/4" sockets, combination end wrenches,,plier set etc. most of what I need to keep the household and simple stuff for the cars and lawnmower so I don't have to continuously walk back and forth to the shop.
        I keep a specialize set of tools in my truck that includes boat and trailer tools. I keep a set of tools in the boat that has only tools I might need while out on the water. I keep a set of tools in the garage in a soft sided bag that I can grab if I have to work on a vehicle, tractor or boat not in my shop. This bag must weigh 40 lbs and includes about anything needed to get a job done, maybe not a complete selection of every type of tool.
        I am satisfied with this set up as it keeps me from making 40 trips back and forth to the shop.
        My kids are going to have a fit when it comes their turn to clean out their parents stuff!