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Which 2-sided tape for woodworking?

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  • Which 2-sided tape for woodworking?

    I have a two-sided tape I bought awhile ago at Harbor Freight, and when using it yesterday realized it's time I got another - it takes too much effort to peel the protective plastic off, and afterwards it leaves too much residue on the wood. Not worth whatever money saved then.

    But now, I see a handful of good choices on Amazon. Problem is, most of them seem to have pretty strong adhesive, to hold carpet down, or mount stuff to the wall. I need it just for holding pieces together temporarily while I rip, cut or rout them; I also want the pieces come apart easily afterwards.

    So what's the recommendation for a good, strong, two-sided tape that holds stuff together but not as a death grip, and does not leave too much glue behind?
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    Good Question. I don't know. I got mine 4 or 5 years ago at HD or Lower.

    I should add in that for glues and tape, electrical or painters or duct tape, I don't like HFs version of those. They are mediocre at best.
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      I use 2" blue 3M painter's tape on both pieces, then a dose of well-heated hot glue on one piece of the tape and press together. An advantage is that there are a few seconds of adjustment working time. If the hot glue is too cold, the pieces don't come together very close. It's amazing how strong that system is, with absolutely no clean-up. It's relatively easy to pull the joint apart. Sometimes one side of tape comes off, sometimes the hot glue lets go of one side of tape. I've pulled the hot glue off the tape and re-used it for either resetting or multiple pieces. Just push the tape on to the piece you want it to stay really firmly. I have done a lot of pattern work for electronics installations on yachts, and that system has worked perfectly on different materials.
      A friend that is a yacht carpenter simply uses hot-glue, then soaks acetone into the joint to soften the hot glue then seperate. Then, the clean-up.


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        You want double-sided poly-hanging tape, like ShurTape Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Tape It has a lower adhesion film on one side that sticks about like painter's tape, which you affix on your work piece. The you peel the film and apply your template to the higher adhesion side.

        This type of double-sided tape is excellent for affixing routing templates, stacking stock for gang cutting, and holding jig pieces together for fastening after alignment. It's thin material, so it doesn't create much of a gap between mating surfaces.

        This type of double-sided tape is not useful for affixing turning stock. It's not meant for that purpose, and if you try, you will regret doing so.

        Several years ago, I had a brand named Duo-Stick, manufactured by Loparex. I had purchased one roll, was running out, and tried to find more. I think I stumbled on some obscure website, and bought 5 rolls. I'm still working on that supply, but haven't been successful finding it again.

        I have found (just today) ONE retailer that has the Surtape brand in stock (Hardware World- go here). There may be other places where it's available; I just haven't found them.

        I'll add that this type of tape doesn't leave a residue on the work piece.


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          Awesome info, thanks guys! I love the hot glue idea, should work for me - I like the blue tape a lot.

          And the ShurTape looks to be still available; I'll try it out.
          It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
          - Aristotle


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            I use cyno glue between the two pieces of blue painters tape instead of hot glue... Works great for me

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