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    I think Pop Mechanics also has the HF coupon in them. I had to restrain myself from taking a couple from a DR office mag or 4....

    Oh, and if you have the Happenings/ Entertainment coupon books, I get 3 HF coupons in those. Pays for the book itself when you take them to HD. (they usually require a print coupon, not online or printed).


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      Of late, HF has been putting fairly short dates (a month, IIRC) on their coupons. The type is so small, most of us will need a magnifier to see it.

      A big plus for thier F-style clamps, they're as good as most and the price is very affordable. Don't bother with the plastic $2.99 clamps though, as like most clamps of that design, they seem to slip after awhile or the squeeze handle breaks.

      Probably the most appreciative thing for me about HF, is simply the variety of tools, miscellaneous "useful" items that you can find. We don't have any other store that you can simply browse and find stuff like this at.

      For example... shop rags... hey, they don't have to be high thread count, they just have to be useable... 50 for something like $10 on sale works for me.

      I wanted to upgrade my shop apron as mine is an old denim printer's apron. Useful, but now quite worn. I had read where some woodworkers like "leather" but, they are a bloody fortune. I bought an HF "welder's" for like $8 on sale. I bought a second, just for the leather as it's often a material to just have around. I can't buy that much leather for such a low price.

      One problem I see that was referred to earlier by another member, is the pricing. While most always low, I've found the prices vary from one flyer to the next and you can often have two or three flyers covering the same time period and the prices will vary quite a bit. For example, depending on the flyer (in store monthly, two week "sale", or "monthly home mailing", something like the 11-drawer rolling tool chest will be listed at $179, $199, and $149, respectfully. If you're in the "club" that they try to sell you, I don't know how much lower that price might be.

      Think it Through Before You Do!


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        Originally posted by cwsmith View Post
        If you're in the "club" that they try to sell you, I don't know how much lower that price might be.

        Good point- I wouldn't join their club. I get plenty of coupons and mailings/ emails without it. I don't see value in paying for anything extra like that.


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          Anyone have the oscillating spindle sander coupon ($89.99 I think?).

          It was in the back of Wood Magazine Nov 2011, but I'm not sure the expiration date on that one. I know that a 3/29/12 coupon exists, but I can't find it anywhere.

          If you've got it, PM or post a link to it (even a good picture is fine - they'll still take it in store! )


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            I just gave my grandson a ton of Wood magazines, but it's possible (unlikely) I might still have that one around. If you don't get any help, send me a PM. I'll try to locate it for you.

            Do you know about kickback? Ray has a good writeup here...

            For a kickback demonstration video