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Ridgid R4511 - used but "never used" - good saw?

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  • Ridgid R4511 - used but "never used" - good saw?

    My BT3100 motor is dead and after weeks of looking into repair, I've decided to buy a new saw. "New" meaning different, not necessarily brand new.

    Budget is first and very serious limitation. $350 is pushing it.

    I found a local Ridgid R4511 for $300. It is a private owner, but it has never been used - it is too large and heavy for the guy to get it where he needs to use it. He's wanting to buy a smaller, lighter saw.

    I've read and reread all the reviews and especially the discussions about the granite top. That seems to be the only point of contention for the saw - otherwise opinions are positive.

    The other saw I was considering, given my budget limitation, is the Dewalt DW745 (which is right at $350), but despite its overwhelmingly good reviews, I think it is a step down in terms of functionality. My skills and the projects I'm doing and wanting to do are much more refined than they were 5-6 years ago when I bought the BT3100. I want a larger, better saw than the BT3100, and used is the only way I'm going to get that for the money I can spend.

    Just looking for some opinions from the guys here, whom I trust, rather than random reviews.

    Right now, the concerns about the granite top are the only thing keeping me from pulling this trigger. And because I'm not rough on my tools, I keep leaning towards buying it.

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    Sure you might chip a piece of the granite top if you drop something heavy on it but then again you could crack a cast iron top if you did the same thing to it. That's not a bad price for that saw if it's in pristine condidtion like you say it is. You should snap that baby up quickly before someone else does if they haven't already. At $300 I doubt if it will take him long to unload it.
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      Ridgid 4511 saw?

      I think that is a decent saw...but it has some things I'm not really comfortable with. The main one is the granite top...I prefer cast iron, hands down! I know that cast iron is an old standby in table saw tops and for a good reason.It is fairly cheap to make, then ground flat and it stays that way for the most part as long as the saw is not damaged or dropped on it's top resulting in a broken top. A granite or any other stone top that could be used is easier chipped at the edges and along it's miter tracks...which could result in a saw that is less than accurate. A crack in a stone top, can not be repaired like a cast iron top could, it would most likely have to be replaced.
      I have heard some bad things about Ridgid saws in the last couple of years,
      and I'm still wondering if they have gotten the bugs worked out of them yet.
      Problems with arbors, and other important areas that need to be addressed
      to satisfy the end users.

      My personal opinion would be to look at a good contractor saw or cabinet
      saw, if you are wanting something to last for a lifetime and still be around
      for the next 20 or 30 years or more!


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        The R4511 is made by Steel City/Orion and features hefty yoke style cabinet mounted trunnions and a one-piece cast blade shroud/arbor carriage....pretty significant underpinnings for a $300 saw. I agree that this saw is quite a step up from a DW745, and even the BT for that matter (IMHO ). It's basically got the same guts as the current Craftsman 22116 and Steel City 35925/35930.

        The vast majority of granite tops that I've read about have had no issues, and the vast majority that did sustain damage were due to double stacking in the warehouse or abuse of display models. Granite chips and some cracks CAN be repaired in the event one occurs. The top also carries a 10 year warranty....not sure if it transfers. Most owners love these saws. The fence is functional, not great. I wouldn't hesitate at $300.

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          I'm a very happy owner of the 4511 for about 2 years now. Bought it because of the granite top because my shop is in the basement. Didn't want to worry about rusting with a cast iron top but that probably wasn't going to be that big of a deal anyway. I basically liked the way the saw looked the best with the orange & black color scheme.

          Mine was $299 when HD clearanced them out and I got them to honor a HF 20% off coupon so I took the plunge for the 4511. So, I'd say your $300 seller probably got his for that money.

          Remember, these saws had the arbor recall that you can get for free if the first owner didn't register it with Ridgid. Find that out.

          Two biggest faults with the machine IMHO:

          1.) Assembly instructions are not totally accurate and the worst written of anything I've encountered.

          2.) The 2 piece fence is weak and the one I got was constantly needing adjustment. Almost sold it because of that but put a Delta T2 fence and haven't looked back.

          Two biggest good features with the machine:

          1.) Dang machine is dead nuts accurate.

          2.) Dang machine is dead nuts accurate for a year and a half.


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            I too have the venerable R4511 and its been great, The tops fine and never been an issue, very accurate, plenty of power and while it possibly could chip or crack its never happened to mine,The problems with the arbors were addressed long ago and not an issue as a recall was done and all were repaired or replaced according to Ridgid,, so thats not an issue that I would worry about about. Its as reliable of a tablesaw as you can find and much better than the 4512 thats available now by far. but I only paid around $170 for mine new when HD was clearancing them out, but would not trade it for anything but a Unisaw. I would jump on it if I was you.
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              I've had my r4511 for 1.5 years with no complaints. I got it new on clearance from HD and then sold my BT3100 on craigslist. At 452 lbs it is quite heavy - get some help moving it. I am careful when putting the miter gauge into the t-slots as this seems like the easiest place for chipping to occur, but I've had no issues with the granite. The stock fence & guard work well for me, I can't comment on dust collection yet. I did have to adjust the pulley on the shaft after a small offcut fell through the throat plate and threw the belt, but that was a fluke.
              Also be sure to check out the Ridgid Forum for assembly & general info if you haven't already.

              Maybe you could work out a partial trade with the seller for your BT3100?
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                Take the plunge, you will never again see a comparable quality saw in that price range.


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                  i would think that's a pretty good deal.
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                    Originally posted by uglystick View Post
                    .......At 550 lbs it is quite heavy....
                    FTR, although heavy, ridgid has the weight at 452 lbs.:


                    and although i liked the saw initially, there are two minor potential negatives to consider. 1) if the saw being considered is one of the one's that need a recall adjustment for the arbor, i'd check with ridgid and make certain that the repair would be made at their expense to a non-original owner. 2) the fence, although a t-square, is less substantial than a delta t-2, for example.

                    if these 2 items are a non issue to a buyer, then go for it. as stated previously, there aren't many saws at $300 that will deliver the value of a 4511.
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                      I happen to agree on the fence. I replaced mine with a T-2, but the arbors have all been dealt with according to Ridgid.


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                        Get that saw tomorrow before someone else gets it! Then get yourself at least a T-2 fence, or for what you will have in the saw you could look for a Bies, and be the envy of many.


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                          Personally I like the cast iron tops better. Not only because of the possible chipping issues with granite but because you can't use magnetic feather boards with a granite top. Notwithstanding, unless there was an equivalent ci saw for the same price I'd get it. I had the older 2412 for a year and was quite happy with it. Btw the herc-u-lift mobile on the Ridgid saws are the best mobile bases I've used.
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