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Work Sharp 3000 sandpaper disc?

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  • Work Sharp 3000 sandpaper disc?

    Just got my WS and the replacement disc seem way overpriced for this machine. Anyone using some alternative to the accessory disc?
    Seems like one could buy sheets and spray adhesive. Any thoughts?

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    I don't see why sheets and spray adhesive wouldn't work except for the extra effort of cutting the disk. If you want precut ones though, Klingspor's carries a pack of 80-1000 grit disks, item SD06199. They carry some other 6" disks without the center hole up to 1500 grit too.


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      The fine disks last a long time. The coarse on the other hand go south quickly. Once you have all your edges sharp you'll only need the finer grits for touch-up.

      Klingspores is good alternitive source.


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        It's a bit cheaper if you get them from a dealer instead on going to WS site. You can get them at Rockler which often has 20% coupons.
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          Will check out the klingspor.
          Went through my supplied pack really fast. To much pressure for to long a period. Learning curve.


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            About a year ago, I got some from a guy who is in a woodworking club in Long Island NY. He basically runs a supply shop out of his garage.His name is Bob Urso, and his email is He has a website,, but it's a bit wonky at the moment.Definitely worth an email though.
            He was about half the price of Worksharp as I recall, although I picked them up so no mailing was involved.
            If I remember correctly, they were identical to the Worksharp stuff, except I had to punch out the center hole.
            Hopefully he still stocks them.
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              I use standard self adhesive sanding disks for the courser grits. The ones I buy are a bit too big and don't have a hole in the center. I stick the sheet on the glass plate, then trim it to fit with a sharp utility knife. I put the disk sand paper down and use the disk as the cutting guide. The center hole gets cut from the top. They work fine. I haven't tried that trick for the fine grits, however.