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Grizzly G1019Z Band Saw Help

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  • Grizzly G1019Z Band Saw Help

    I'm in the market for a band saw, and I have an opportunity to get a Grizzly G1019Z (with 4" riser block) for $300.

    Any thoughts on this saw and/or price? I was planning on buying something quite a bit smaller, but this may not be a bad option. Looks like it's probably 11 years old or so judging from what I can find on the internet.

    Thanks for the help!

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    The Grizzly 1019Z was a newer version of 1019 (naturally). It was rather odd in that it used a 4" riser block. I can't remember the blade length but you can get a manual for it still, I believe from The Harbor Freight bandsaw and the Grizzly 1019 could be set side by side and look like a matched pair.
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      Not familiar with that one, but if it is anywhere near like the GO555 then you got a winner of a saw.

      4" riser block sounds funny though. You sure it's not 6"?
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        Just going on what he says, so it sure could be 6".

        Just to throw another twist in it, just ran by Lowes and found this:
        on clearance for $349. I assume I can find a 10% off coupon, so it'd be something like $340 (including tax).

        No riser block on that one of course.

        Any thoughts on which way (if either) to go?


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          I don't know anything about the Grizzly saw, but with the Delta being new with a warranty, good dust collection, tension release, and very little more in price it wouldn't be question in my mind which one to buy. BTY I have Grizzly tools and like them.
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            The 1019 carried a 105" blade I do believe.. I assume the 1019Z blade would not have changed but can't say for sure. Grizzly was not known for BS qaulity back in those days until they finally started concentrating on improving their line. IMO the first decent 14" they had was the G0555 which cost around $379 when introduced. The G0555X is even better.

            The 1019" total cost on entry after purchase of a riser block was around $400 so he's asking not much less than was paid for the machine. I personally wouldn't pay the $300 as you could probably find a used Jet or Delta for that. And if the old style Delta (again IMO.. a much more substantial BS than the newer style in your link) you got a great BS. If you want to keep the cost down new the G0555 is a good BS. The G0555X is even better as it has re-saw capacity built on the column without the need of a riser block. The Grizzly 17" is a good BS also but probably more than you want to pay at the moment.

            Good luck in the hunt...


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              Thanks for the help everyone. I've passed on the used Grizzly for now.

              I think my current target is the Delta from Lowes. it seems like a pretty good price for a new 14" bandsaw, even though it's not the best.

              It does appear as if the Delta has no fence. I've never owned a decent bandsaw before, so my question is: is that a huge deal?


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                Originally posted by Cubsfan View Post
                It does appear as if the Delta has no fence. I've never owned a decent bandsaw before, so my question is: is that a huge deal?
                Not as huge as you might think. If you cut only curves, you don't need a fence at all. If you resaw, you will likely need a taller fence than comes with the saw and these are typically shop-built (although a shop-built tall fence or fence extension could be attached to the factory fence). For small, short, and quick cuts like exposing tenons or dovetailing, you can clamp a board across the table and use that as a guide.

                None of this is to say that a factory-made fence is not useful, because it is. In fact it's a extremely nice feature to have. Still, the lack of a fence on a band saw does not handicap the machine to the same degree that the lack of a rip fence would handicap a table saw.


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                  Ditto Larry on the fence issue. I built a simple on that I used for years by just Quik-clamping it to both sides of the table. The one I have on my 18" is stock but.. I modified to attach various heights of 22" long phenolic to the face for the 12" capacity I have on that saw. BS fences don't need to be rocket science IMO.