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Anyone have DW706 Dewalt miter saw

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  • Anyone have DW706 Dewalt miter saw

    There is one for sale locally, and I have been thinking of upgrading. The only real question I have about it, is wether it has the miter saw detent switch, so it will bypass a standard angle, like the newer dw716?

    Any other opinions?
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    Do not buy a DW716, I tried it, poor construction(lighter castings,very poor finish),runout and fences are not at 90* to the table. I have a DW706 and it is a very good saw and I use it for crown mld. w. stops(I avoid cpd. miters), and tall base ag. the fence.
    It uses a vernier scale to set off angles and you lock w. the miter screw knob,any angle on the scale, very easy, just push up the lock lever(which is metal/vinyl coated not plastic as on the 716) off the stop indent, then line up ,tighten. If I need to match so odd angle I use my Bosch digital angle finder too. You can adjust the friction of the table with a locknut if you want to change it.
    When I first saw the 716 I though it was like the 708(SCMS) opperation but it is not.
    I have only reset the table friction it once in 5 years. I installed a spring(over the threads) to add tension to the miter knob b/c I only use it to lock at non stop settings, so I can leave it set to be locked if I need to. The stops /SS scale are very solid with out the lock knob locked too and have the most common angles. Very fast to change.
    The dw716 felt like I could break the lever in use.
    I have a made in USA one. Now all DeWalt corded are made in Mexico. If you research ,most do not like the new saws and the laser is a real pain to adjust and not tooless, nothing like the Makita LS1013L I have.
    BTW How much does he want?
    Oh, I did add grease to the gearbox as maintence, which is not that hard to do and quiets the saw considerably. My arm pivot has no play still. The 716 arm had play to start and would flex if you pushed down hard.
    New, I would buy a Bosch for a CMS.


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      Everything Andrew said. The 706 is a tank. I loved cutting 5 1/4 baseboard against the fence and 5" crown nested with the DeWalt crown stops. Very solid construction. Also, the aftermarket clamp is the strongest I have ever seen. That's a $30 option and if it's included the deal is even sweeter. How much does he want for it?



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        You could check the brushes for length and get an idea of use.


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          Back from work, I am going to look at it Tuesday, as tommorrow I work a 12. He is asking $200. From the emails, it appears very lightly used. So at least worth a look.
          She couldn't tell the difference between the escape pod, and the bathroom. We had to go back for her.........................Twice.


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            I just sold mine for $225, barely used and had many takers.


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              Sweet saw............I got mine from Lowes about 3 years ago. Its made 2 decks,.... reframed my house,.... trimmed my house. I can make semi precision cuts with it. To me, ........Its a BULL, that can step lightly in a china closet.


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                Got mine nearly three years ago now, probably one of the most used tools in my shop after the BT3. Very solid, I think my grandkids will be using it in a few years.

                Measure it with a micrometer...
                Mark it with a crayon...
                Cut it with a chain saw!

                Wood Butcher