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Rigid mortising attachment

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  • Rigid mortising attachment

    Does anyone know if the Rigid mortising DP attachment will fit the Ryobi 10" DP? They are being closed out at our local borg and it would be a lot cheaper to go this route than a dedicated mortising machine.

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    First, I must say I've been extremely satisfied with the mortising attachment that came with my Jet 17". However, DP mortising attachments usually get a bad rap -- but it's usually from people trying to use them on undersized DPs. So there you go.



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      I have the delta mortising attachment, and it has adapter collars that make it fit on almost any DP. I know that it fits on the Ryobi 10", the GMC 10" and the HF floor DP. Though, beware of using a mortising attachment on an undersize DP. If the quill of the DP has any play at all, it will be magnified one you put a mortising attachment on there. That's why I ended up with the big HF DP. It has zero play in the quill, and doesn't bog down at all when mortising. Good luck.


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        I got a Tool Shop mortising attachment from Menard's for ~$35. It looks identical to the Delta. Haven't used it yet--like HF, it's a bit of a gamble, but if it works the few times I need it to, great.


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          I don't have any experience with the Ridgid, I had a Sears POS and a Delta. Neither were much good.

          The HF Mortiser is not the best. But, it is on sale for $99 and it comes with three passable chisel sets. [1/4, 3/8, & 1/2] It weighs 60 pounds...So that's $1.50 a pound. That's less than ground chuck. I can't figure out how they can make something with a motor and 60 lbs of steel and ship it from China and sell it for less than $100, even with slave labor.

          My performance greatly improved after I sharpened the chisels with a cone shaped diamond sharpener. I know planes and regular chisels are not usually right out of the box. It just didn't dawn on me that you should "fettle" mortise chisels before use.

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