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    Originally posted by Carlos View Post
    We have 10' ceilings so that allowed plenty of room for the pipe to be out of the way. Unfortunately it also makes the work a lot harder than normal ceiling height, and requires much more pipe and support for all the drops.
    I had at least a 10' ceiling in my shop which was great when I needed to flip a long board end to end, but as you said, not so much for having to work up high on the ceiling. I'd still want high ceilings in my next shop.

    In the video you posted, there's some kind of rattle/grinding sound at the beginning and then it goes away a few seconds later. Have you figured out what that is? What side of your neighbor's house does it face? Now I can see why you needed to keep it low. Maybe you could wrap that metal pipe in insulation to knock down the decibels further.


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      The rattle was just the door for the collection bin and the sliding lock I put on it. It stopped in the video because I put my foot against the door. The pipe itself is quiet, though I did get a can of spray-on sound damper/sealer (DEI Boom Mat) just in case it needs it. Funny how that rattle stands out so much, yet it's not really that loud. Just an annoying sound I guess. I'll fix it by putting another lock on the other side of the door. Since the ply isn't perfectly flat, it gapped a bit on one side and allows it to rattle.