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    The BT3100 in all its cleanness! You can see attached the new Shark Guard version 10.4, and let me tell you that thing really sucks. And I mean that in a good way...

    Another angle on the BT, there you can see the shop vac / thien rig that I hook up to the SCMS and sanders... I need to redo the wide table top. I am not happy with the way this one came out.

    The tool stacker. I had to have somewhere to put my recycling bin, so there it is. Nice huh?

    My Cheapie 12" slider with Freud blade, and shop vac connection for dust collection. It works a LOT better than stock, but that's not saying a whole lot...

    My ladder up and out of the way.

    A tiny shelf, just big enough to hold my drill press goodies. The pocket hole jig just sort of hangs from a screw in the sheetrock for now.

    Full view of the drill press. The DP table is shop built using the hardware I stripped out of the Grizzly table I bought from Loring. It was a nice table that hated being on the coast so it swelled up... This one is plywood / hardboard lamination with walnut edging and oak pegs.

    A bit more detail on the drill press table. The oak pegs are simply oak dowels from Rockler.

    My retractable chuck key holder. I LOVE this thing...

    The Texas star emblem. This usually lives on the gable above the shop doors, but since I still don't have my Christmas lights down, I have a lit star up there now...

    The HF lathe, and band saw. I spend a LOT of time here. I think this orientation will work MUCH better than what I had originally posted...

    Shelf full of handheld power tools, bits and accessories for the router, and drilling, safety stuff, bits and pieces, measuring and marking gear, some finishes, and abrasives. The shopping bags on the hooks hold fine, and medium grind sanding sponges.

    This was a good attempt at a workbench. I am very unhappy with the results. At least I know what it is missing. MASS, and a LOT of it... One of my projects for 2011 is to build a new workbench, with a butcher block laminated SYP top, and a stouter base design. I have seen some designs on Shop Notes I like better than this...

    The dust collector / air compressor stack changed places with the rolling tool box a couple of months ago to facilitate a straighter run with the DC duct work.

    My first aid kit of course, the A/C remote control, and the thermostat. It is in the high 30s outside, the radiator is on the 600w setting, and it is reading 70+ degrees in there... No the propane heater is NOT on...

    Misc "stuff" storage, mostly gloves, my wonder winder cord reel gizmo (it works okay, not great...) And of course my favorite Alan Jackson / Jimmy Buffet quote...

    Clamp racks, safety gear, and glues...

    The lumber rack is as clean as it is gonna get...

    My pegboard still needs some attention. But I have no idea where to move stuff off to...
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      What is the size of your garage/shop? With all of the pictures, it seems pretty good sized. Also, the hand planes on the pegboard don't make you nervous? I guess if they slipped off, they'd land on the benchtop, not the floor.


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        Great pics! Thanks for the tour. I can see you have made big progress, and have a good 'flow' in the shop.

        I got my wonder-winder-cord-reel from Rockler, and like it a lot, despite having to struggle with it sometimes when reeling in; the reel-out for use is so easy that I forgive it its whimsy.

        I'm puzzled by the lathe position - that seems too close to the door to allow it to open; or is that a second door to the garage?

        Impressed by your clamp rack; I don't have that many, but as I don't have a rack, it still looks messy; gotta build one.

        Great stuff, looking forward for updates as you make'm.
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          The shop is 18x20 with a 2.5x5.5 nook in the right rear corner. It feels cavernous now that it's clean!

          Yes the hand planes make me a little nervous on the peg board, but the pegs are secure enough for now. I just don't have a better method at this point. That will likely change somewhat soon... (in geologic terms anyway...)

          The lathe is 6" from the door, which is more than enough space to operate the door with no trouble. In this weather though, it's not real likely that I am going to be willing to open that door any time soon!
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            ***4/28/2011 updates***

            For those with an interest, the shop is a mess again, but this time because I have garage door trim all over everywhere. I have had to replace the Masonite siding, and pine trim around and between the garage doors as well as perform the "final" install of the 5" louvered ducts for the air conditioner. I have placed the intake on the bottom, and have added a lever with a loop that catches on a drywall screw run into the siding to hold it open, the exhaust simply blows the louvers open. I have the edge trim left to do, caulk and prime that, get the final paint on that, then install fresh door gaskets. I "could" re-use the gaskets, but I want to go with Fresh just to avoid any problems...

            I will soon be repairing the bottom of the drywall on that post, cutting a hole in the top, and filling with loose fill insulation, then patching the hole. I am very much looking forward to having this job 100% done so I can pitch the original pieces (being saved for sizing)...
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              A couple of updates...

              After a summer of pretty active use, the shop is a total and complete disaster, I need to clean, but I am finding out that for the most part my setup works pretty well flow wise. I have relocated the SCMS to the strong tie workbench through the addition of an extension to that bench... Honestly, it's a fugly setup... I need to go back in and rebuild that setup. Dust collection from the SCMS is terrible, so a dust shroud is my next project after the Christmas tree stand gets done... By command of SWMBO...

              I have been lazy with the fixing of the sheet rock as other projects have taken priority, but with that open the way it is, it is drafty, and the A/C and heat don't work as they should... I have GOT to get this done...

              As finances allow, I am gathering the bits and pieces to do my sub panel installation, and I have about half the insulation I am going to need... Once I get to the point where I have the permits pulled and the starting flag waved so to speak, this should progress very quickly...

              Instead of wheeling the portable AC away for the winter, I am simply covering it up with an old worn out blanket to keep the dust off of it where I can. Where it sits is as good a storage space as any I have...

              One addition to the shop I agreed to was to have the big upright freezer from the kitchen moved to the shop. The price I pay for being able to get the sub panel done...
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                ouch Db, the price for the panel was steep..... I am sorry. I got by with just having to add a circuit for outdoor holiday lights But man, you will be juiced (no pun intended) about having the sub panel, lots of options become available. Since I had all the new found electrical space, I put in a dedicated circuit for a welder and I am in the process of designing a steel base for a future mobile t.s. workstation (no torsion box needed, save a lot of height). Good luck with your cleanup.
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                  For what it's worth, I still dream of being able to sell this house without getting royally hosed financially, and finally being able to find a job where I can get a place in the country and put up any size barn / shop I want... Preferrably away from hurricanes...
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                    Cheers to that Db. Jobs are scarce and scarcer so off in the sticks.... Personally, I like to live close to work and always have, since your going to spend so much time there, to me it never made sense to have to drive far and waste so much time getting to and from and in recent years the expense of fuel. A house on acreage, perhaps with some hardwood stands and a large shop... sounds real nice
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                      Hence why I am here... I would honestly like to be able to transfer to Portland (Oregon). The middle of nowhere is within a 30 minute drive of the airport, or within an hour of anywhere in Portland, in heavy traffic, in bad weather... That is a RADICAL difference from an hour from my just south of the Houston city limits suburb to downtown Houston... Maybe I can talk the CEO into trying to expand our business out west... I'm sure he needs IT guys for a new office right?
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                        LOL, you would think by now you could telecommute... When things get better tell him to get with the millenium.
                        I think in straight lines, but dream in curves