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Filling gaps in plywood floor??

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  • Filling gaps in plywood floor??

    My shop has 3/4" PT plywood for floor. For whatever reason, the contractor left gaps between each piece, 1/8" to 1/4" wide. Probably because this part of the house is in the 100 yr floor plain. Anyhow, there are 8 joints about 20' long that I want to fill in.

    I have covered the gaps with duct tape but it is wearing out and I want to make a more permenant fix. I used one tube of caulk and it did not go too far. It may take another 15-20 tubes to finish.

    I do have access to the floor underneath so I can put duct tape or 1/4" ply to close the gap. I am just looking for something that could be used to fill the gaps.

    Right now, I can't find any large tubes of caulk, just the 10.1 oz tubes and cheapest is about $2/ea.

    Any suggestions?



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    Tommy on Ask TOH filled gaps in a 100 yr old floor with rope.
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      what's the purpose of filling the gaps?
      Dust and dirt trap?
      Wheels go clunk, clunk when you move tools around?

      Don't they have some liquid, self-levelling stuff for filling driveway cracks?
      Use that plus the rope?
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        I think I'd do rope plus bondo. Although not sure how flexible bondo is when cured. Not sure how much that flooring is gonna move.

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          perhaps the joint compound used for leveling floors and filling gaps prior to installing vinyl flooring would work??? .... IIRC, when I did my kitchen floor, a box of this stuff was pretty cheap and would go quite a long way.
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            I was thinking of using something to reduce the space and then fill in with caulk. I didn't think about using rope but that is a good idea.

            The duct tape ('guy tape' as LOML calls it) is showing wear & tear. I need to keep the gaps closed to keep sawdust, SMALL parts, and stuff from falling thru. One of these days I might want to also paint the floor.



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              What about expanding foam?


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                There's a product called "Water Putty", I believe, that can be found in big box and hardware stores, that used for leveling floors, filling cracks, etc. I would think that it would work well for this purpose. I have used it numerous times for leveling under new flooring. Comes in various sized cans and not that expensive.
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