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Wood Flooring Options Oak vs Cherry

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  • Wood Flooring Options Oak vs Cherry

    Building a new home and my wife loves the 4,or 5 inch wide Cherry plank style, surprising to me it is the same cost as the similar width Oak. I am concerned about the durability of Cherry around my large dog and just in general. The flooring companies all claim that the new water based finishes are just as durable as poly, but since I am not concerned about living with the smell of poly, I want the most durable finish. My preference is tile, or slate which we will use for portions of the flooring.

    Any suggestons, or experience with Cherry wood flooring and finishes out there?
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    I just Googled this - I bet it's $$ PRICEY $$

    From the remodeling TV shows I watched, there seems to be a distinct advantage to the durability of the factory-finished flooring. Also note that the link is not to North American Cherry, which my Googling showed to be just above yellow pine in hardness and 26% less that Oak.
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      The finishes the flooring company is referring to are catalyzed water base finishes. A good catalyzed water base is as durable as anything available. Being water base they're clear and wont bring any amber to the floor. If you like the oil look talk to your finisher he can probably give it to you and still use a tough water base top coat.

      Since you're going with plank instead of strip you should look into the stability of the wood. Stability refers to how much the wood expands and contracts with humidity. Wider boards produce more problems with cupping and crowning. American cherry is softer than oak but has equal stability. Brazilian cherry is harder than oak but is less stable. The cut of the board makes a difference with quarter sawn the most stable.



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        Watch out for the fact that cherry changes hue with age and exposure to light. I think you would see color changes under rugs and furniture when you remove them.
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          I've seen the Brazilian Cherry in two friends' houses, and it looks great.

          HOWEVER, they both have small dogs, and the clawmarks show pretty well. Also, the wood sucks a lot of light out of the room, so I'd consider that. There is a substantial "tanning" effect, as dedaddy mentions.

          I've put Bruce engineered plank in two houses. I chose the Red Oak both times. It's tough, and the color and grain hides the scratches. It will change color with sun exposure.

          I am having a problem with the glue the installers used. They stuck the plank directly to concrete, and 18 months post-install, I have a lot of "unsticks".

          Hope this helps.

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