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table saw 5/8 miter slots

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  • table saw 5/8 miter slots

    Are there any good 5/8 miter gauges available. I bought a saw thinking the slots were all 3/4 which is not the case.
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    What is it made of? I had that issue with a Ryobi band saw that had an aluminum table. I widened the slot by cutting it on the table saw with my least-favorite carbide tipped blade using multiple light passes. If that can't be done, you could have either the slot widened by a machine shop, or replace the miter bar on a good miter gauge. Maybe have the bar machined?


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      Only seen those narrow miter slots on inexpensive saws and sanders with small tables.. Is it a standard depth of 3/8" as well?
      What TS is it?
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        It is an inexpensive saw which was my first mistake. I am afraid that the only good solution is to by a better saw.


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          I'd go the table saw sled route rather than modify a miter gauge. You can use wood or hard plastic Uhmw pe, for the slots, since its captured in the slot it doesn't have to be absolutely perfectly true.


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            I think Carl has the right solution for that saw.