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DeWalt DW735 vs DW734

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  • DeWalt DW735 vs DW734

    I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the dewalt 734 and 735 planers. I picked up a 735 this evening for $430, and I see that the 734 is going for $300. My question is: is the 735 worth the extra cost over the 734 in this case?


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    The three blades at the slower feed rate makes a much better final pass. The only draw back is the quality of the OEM blades. I get much longer life from the after market knives from Infinity tools.

    They just came out with the carbide knives. I would be afraid the first pass would have metal in it and I would nick the blades! So I doubt if I will get a set of the carbide!

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      Tough question.

      The DW735 is a better planer. I have one and would buy one again. The slower speed makes an amazing smooth surface. It's easy to use, easy to access the blades for shifting or changing, easier to move around IMHO because of the big handles on top and compact size- but your YMMV on the last one- either are very heavy. The dust extraction is powerful, great if you don't have DC, irrelevant if you do.

      Is it $130 better? Close call, you'll have to go with your gut. Don't think you can go wrong with either, the 734 will make a nice enough surface, and its not like you're not going to sand anyways to ensure surface takes finish evenly. The 735 is the best planer in it's class. You make the call.


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        Thanks for you input! Regardless of which one I choose, it's going to be the last tool the wife let's me pick up for a while... so I think I'll go ahead and open up that 735 sitting in the garage.

        Thanks for you opinions, they are much appreciated!


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          As a 734 owner, I have to say it is also a great planer. I've always been amazed at how smooth a surface it creates. Dust collection has always been excellent with my HF DC. I haven't compared the two so it's hard to say how much the slower feed rate affects the final output. I do know that I usually only take off 1/16-1/32 at a time, any more than that and the planer seems to really bog down, so that might be a difference.

          All I know is that I've had my 734 about 5 years and I really love it. it's a great tool and does everything that I need.

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            I have the Dewalt 734 and I think that its a great planer. The reason I got it over the 735 was because of the price. That and having to pay extra for the infeed/outfeed tables.

            The 734 leaves a smooth finish and I have not had any snipe issues. I have also not had any issues with having 1/2" less capacity.


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              The 735 is well worth the extra cost if you don't have a DC. It does have some additional features, but also doesn't have infeed/outfeed tables. It's really a matter of opinion what the extra features are worth, but it does get consistently high marks.
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                For those that have a 735 without a dust collector, Sears has a part that may make your life a lot easier. One of their planers also has a blower section and comes with a "sock" that goes from 4" to the top of a trash can with a cinch cord and "may" work with the Dewalt also. If you can't stretch out the bucks for a DC just yet it may be worth a try.


                I have not tried it, so YMMV, caveat emptor, no warranty expressed or implied, etc, etc.
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                  The 735 does not ship with infeed/outfeed tables, but they are available, and it's bed is larger than most planers, so it's not horrible without the tables, and with the tables I think it has more support than any other "portable" planer. I have the 735, and before it I had the old ryobi 1300 planer, which is very much like the 734. They both do/did the job and worked fine. I've not used the slow feed feature of my 735 to get the "better finish" because I'm going to sand/scrape anyway, so I haven't felt the need.

                  The blower feature of the 735 is impressive, I was using a quick disconnect on it, and it would often blow the hose off. I've got a better setup for it now.
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                    The Nov 2006 issue of Wood rated the 735 as the top tool out of 9 benchtop planers tested. They did do the testing with the outfeed tables.

                    I've got the 735 and I did pick up the outfeed tables and the chip collection device. The sock that fits over a lipped trashcan works well for chips, but a lot of fine dust will blow through. The outfeed tables really helped controlling snipe.

                    I really got tired of toting that thing around, especially putting it up at the end of the day. I designed a mobile flip-top stand for it that will roll under a BT extension table. Here's the thread with plans & photos.