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Bearing Lubricant for BT3000 and BT3100

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  • Bearing Lubricant for BT3000 and BT3100

    Hello all,

    I have a BT3000 which I bought second hand in 2003 (date code X0241) and which has been sparingly used since I bought it. However, before I bought it, it was put to a fair amount of use, but not excessively so. Recently, in addition, I also acquired a second hand BT3100 (date code 0012), which seems to be sparingly used (if I go by the wear and tear).

    After a number of years of not doing much, I want to get back into woodworking seriously and, for a start, want to clean out and lubricate all the moving parts, including motor bearings. My question: What lubricant(s) should I use for each of the parts ?

    Since the motor runs at 4800 rpm (per nameplate), should I be using turbine oil or synthetic lubricant with PTFE (such as this Super Lube one: for the motor bearings ? Or should I use grease ? If I should use grease, what kind of grease (brand, grade) ? BTW, I used the Super Lube lubricant on the journal bearings of the fan motor on my Carrier air conditioner's condenser unit and it has been performing extremely well for the last one year. If I am not mistaken, the condenser fan motor runs at 1100 rpm.

    Advice would be most appreciated from anyone who has gone through the lubrication process.

    One other question, should I be changing out the shims on my BT3000 with the ones which are meant for the BT3100. I gather the BT3000 shims could be a problem. How big a pain is it to take off and but back the drive belts ? Do they break easily ?

    Thanks, Arun.

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    I have never tried to lubricate the motor bearings. I think that they are supposed to be permanently lubricated bearings as there is no mention of need for lubrication in the manual.
    If you have not read my BT3 Faq (frequently asked questions) its a compendium of most everything you wanted to know about the BT3 saws.
    I believe there is a link to it at the bottom signature line of my posts. You will find it useful, I am sure. Here is the link to the message at which you can find the FAQ

    Look especially at the FAQ section on maintenance. - it addresses shims and what lubes to use and avoid.

    I would not change the BT3000 shims unless you have an issue YOu cannot use BT3100 shims unless you also change the locker bracket, a major operation.
    Taking off the belts is tedious, something you would want to avoid as well. They are not stretchy and they are short - not a easy working combination. And expensive if you screw them up.

    Keeping the shims clean and lubed with wax in the BT3000 is the key to problem free operation. If they are still working, keep them clean and lube with paste wax every few months.

    Good luck.
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