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BT3000 Shim from 0.008 Steel shim stock

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  • BT3000 Shim from 0.008 Steel shim stock

    I created a couple jigs to create shims that are very accurate and work out great as replacements. This is what I did

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    Reading the EBay ad I assume the price is for 1 shim. If so what would be the shipping cost for a pair?
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      Regardless of how many you order, same shipping. Package adds up to about an ounce in weight. Just about anywhere in the U.S. it comes to ~$2.63 for shipping.

      Update: I figured out that I can get away with a different shipping rate of right around $1.00. An envelope up to 3/4" thick has a cheaper rate.

      2nd Update: Just found out ebay does not offer that rate. ~ $2.67 Sorry!
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        I would like to thank you all that have purchased shims from me. So far I have sold 60+ shims. I really hope that it translates into 30 saved table saws! Awesome!


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          That's great!
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            I would like to give you all an update!

            I started making the shims out of stainless steel! No worries of rusting and these are really strong! I had to buy a brake/shear to be able to get them done properly.My website: (Small discount because there are no Ebay fees)


            Updated the link.
            Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw Motor shim - PN: 969599001 Custom - 302 Stainless Steel in Home & Garden, Tools, Power Tools, Saws & Blades, Table Saws | eBay
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