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BT3100-1 Switch Replacement - No Charge

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    New owner of a used BT3000. I'm also a newbie in woodworking (furniture and ect.). I want to start off by thanking every member of the bt3000 community on this forum. Your advice and knowledge is invaluable to someone like me. I have completely restored my bt3000 and LOVE this saw and it's unique design with the SMT. I've always preferred older metal (USA) tools instead of modern plastic junk. I have a quick question..... I think my saw was manufactured around 1998-2000. Do I need to replace the switch or do I already have the redesigned switch? Thank you for your time and help.


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      Hi glad you are enjoying your saw.
      The BT3000 only had a switch problem in the real early first year , I think1993 or so.And it was a two-button switch that was replaced.
      1998-2000 (you can see the date code on the nameplate, a four digit number first two are the year and the last two are the week 01-52

      Anyway switch problems came again in some BT3100 models after the BT3000 ended production.

      So it would seem you have no switch issues.

      You might want to get my FAQ (frequently asked questions) which you can download in the first few posts in the BT3x00 related discussions forum under the title FAQ.
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      BT3 FAQ -


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        Thank you for your help. Seems my saw was manufactured in 2000. I just wanted to double check. I downloaded the FAQ File last week and I learned a lot from it. Thanks again.
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          For anyone still wondering, Wayne is still providing amazing support for this issue. I emailed him on 12/30 and received a reply in 3 minutes. I expect the replacement switch to be delivered this week.


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            Wayne and the company he represents are committed to excellent customer service long after the sale.
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