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  • 110-220 Volt Definition

    There have been several electrical discussions recently. After many hours of intense research, I finally can provide the TRUTH!!!
    Now everyone can possess the whole of human knowledge on the subject
    (Actually, I stole this off another site)[)]

    I think its time for me to explain about 220 current and why it is so different from 110 volt service. First of all, it's twice as big.

    Secondly, it'll shock you more. Outside of that, 220 is really two 110 volt lines coming to your house from different parts of the globe.

    The up and down 110 comes from the northern hemisphere, and the down and up version comes from below the equator.

    Without trying to get technical, it all boils down to the direction water flows when it goes down the drain. In the top of the earth, it goes clockwise, while on the bottom of the earth it goes counter clockwise. Since most electricity is made from hydro dams, the clockwise flow gives you an up and down sine wave, while the counterclockwise version gives you a down and up sine wave. Between the two, you have 220 volts, while either individual side only gives you 110 volts.

    This is partiularly important to know when buying power tools- which side of the globe did they come from? If you get an Australian saw, for instance, it will turn backwards if connected to a US generated 110 volt source. Sure, you can buy backwards blades for it, but that is an unnecessary burden. Other appliances, like toasters cannot be converted from Australian electricity to American electricity, without horrible results. I knew one person who bought an Australian toaster by mistake and it froze the slices of bread she put in it.

    If you wire your shop with 220 and accidentally get two US-generated 110 volt lines run in by accident, you can get 220 by using a trick I learned from an old electrician. Just put each source into its own fuse box and then turn one of the boxes upside down. That'll invert one of the two up and down sine waves to down and up, giving you 220. DO NOT just turn the box sideways, since that'll give you 165 volts and you'll be limited to just using Candian tools with it.

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    After 2 hours on a pressure washer trying to clean the engine parts and bay on my truck, I needed that!
    Don, aka Pappy,

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      I think you have it Ken!
      Monte (another darksider)
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        But why can't I ever get new electricity, whenever I get the bill from the power company, it states electricity used. I want new electricity!!! And since it's A.C. current does it go back to them, & do they sell me the same electricity over again, is that what they mean used?
        It's got to be us, because there are a lot more of them!


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          Oh - so that's how it works
          Ken Weaver
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            I count 7 rules/laws broken, who's got eight?


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              I can vouch for the 165 volts here

              Oh, yeah ... to clarify, water at the equator just drops straight down the drain ...

              Flexible people don\'t get bent out of shape.


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                quote:Originally posted by stewchi

                I count 7 rules/laws broken, who's got eight?
                Did you count the clockwise/counter-clockwise spinning water, even fools some science teachers, example of bad science?


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                  You guys have entirely "[u]TOO MUCH</u>" free time on your hands.

                  Dave in NC
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                    165 in canada? WHAT PART?!*


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                      quote:Originally posted by glencross

                      165 in canada? WHAT PART?!*
                      Newfoundland, I bet. They do everything half way between the rest of us! (Like their half hour time zone) No, wait. That would make theirs 180V. LOL!


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                        So 208 3 phase, had to do with the Philidelphia experiment and getting the third phase from an alternate reality then, huh?
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                          I would spray my Mt. Dew on my keyboard, but it is just too darn tasty, but that was funny, I don't care who you are

                          Dan in PROC
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                            quote:Originally posted by LinuxRandal

                            So 208 3 phase, had to do with the Philidelphia experiment and getting the third phase from an alternate reality then, huh?
                            I hope not. I have 208-3 on the farm, as well as 600V and 480V


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                              I guess that explains it Ken.
                              Ken aka "mater"

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