The SawdustZone FAQ

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Who's who of SawdustZone

SawdustZone Patrons
The SawdustZone staff recognizes that this site woudn't be possible without the patrons who provide funding as well as content and have been instrumental in keeping the lights on for all these years. To bring visibility to their generosity an dedication, we've added a hand plane charm to the username of current SawdustZone patrons as shown above.

SawdustZone Moderators
The moderators who keep everything clean, tidy, and orderly around here can be identified by the handsaw charm next to their username.

Sawdustzone Administrators
The administrators responsible for layout, design, and keeping the machinery running can be identified by marking gauge charm.

New Member Note

New posters please note that your first few posts will require moderation approval before they are visible to other members. This is an attempt to catch spam posts before they disrupt the forum. All first posts deemed to be spam will result in a permanent member ban, as will any spam posts.

Rules and Conduct

Our rules are simple:
By visiting our site either as a guest or as a registered member you understand and agree to abide by the rules as stated below:

Avoid politics.
Politics includes discussion of political figures and political parties as well as political ideals. Current events and news may be discussed as long as they are not specific as to political leaning.

Avoid religion.
We don't discuss the differences in religion here. We don't preach a specific religious view. We don't allow negative comments about others religion. We do respect the religious beliefs of others and in Around the Coffeepot seeking prayers or good wishes is an approved activity as is commenting that you will pray or keep a member in your prayers.

No personal attacks.
None, Period. It does not matter if the person attacked is a member or not or living or dead. If you mention another person or party your post must be positive. However "you suck" is not an attack when it is posted as a reply to a gloat.

Others work and intellectual property.
If you post pictures you must certify the source. We are a wood working forum. If you post a picture it needs to be of your own work or cite the source and artist who made the item. If you quote another cite source.

Forum Staff decisions are binding.
We generally think less moderation is better. When we do take moderation action our decisions are final. From time to time forum staff will post notices directing approved or disapproved acts or posting on the forum. Those notices become part of this Terms of Use even if not added to this document.

Non commercial use only.
No advertising without the express permission of the forum staff. With the exception of the member marketplace but all posts must be of a consumer to consumer nature. If your business is selling items and you wish to sell to our membership or audience contact to pay for advertising space.

No illegal or offensive content.
Our membership and audience includes children and people from all parts of the world.

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